notes from the road: Seattle

I spent much of the last week in Seattle. I took very few pictures, and none actually of Seattle, but I would say this one kind of sums up how the week went:

all the dessert

Yes, that’s 10 distinct pieces of dessert and yes I tried them all. (Not shown: the second lemon square.)

Seattle is a lovely city. Some of the highlights: Pike’s Place, of course (my favorite shop is Old Seattle Paperworks on the lower level), and The Purple Cafe, our best meal of the trip. I highly recommend both.

Our last night there was May Day, and I’m not sure how much of a national news story it was but some peaceful protests turned not-very-peaceful a few blocks from my hotel. I watched on the news as police clashed with protesters, using pepper spray and flash-bangs to control the angry crowds. Watching things explode as helicopters buzzed overhead was uncomfortably reminiscent of a few weeks ago in Boston. Luckily, it seems to have all turned out okay except for some minor injuries, but it was a stressful couple of hours.

So that was Seattle. I’ll try to take a more interesting picture next time I travel. :)