writing, man. I tell you.

I’ve been in controlled revision mode for a while, and I’m having trouble flipping my brain back over into balls-out-first-draft mode. This is making me nervous that there’s something wrong with what I’m writing, but I really love this concept so I’m going to try to slap it all together.

But, in a surprise twist, this blog post isn’t about my ongoing writing difficulties. It’s about making sure you read this, a blog post by the fabulous Libba Bray in which she outlines basically my writing process, except it’s actually her writing process, which honestly, weirdly, makes me feel a lot better about myself as a writer. The only real difference between us is that my spice cabinet is already alphabetized.

So you go read that, I’ll go back to writing this space opera heist scene, and let’s reconvene soon for wine and bon bons, yeah? Yeah.


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