the game is afoot in somerville

I will be the first to admit that I like my Sherlock Holmes stringently traditional. My Holmes is an anti-social Victorian misogynist and my Watson is a lean tan man with a limp. Onscreen, I like Basil Rathbone, Jeremy Brent, Leslie Howard, Robert Downey Jr., and Hugh Laurie. I did not enjoy what I watched of BBC’s Sherlock and I am not particularly interested in giving Elementary a try until I can separate it from Holmes in my mind.

All this to preface: people can be hesitant when suggest Sherlock Holmes things for my amusement. But when the BF suggested we go to the Summer Radio Mystery Theatre production of this:


I was totally game. A Sherlock Holmes radio show! Just like the olden days!

It was so much fun, guys. They had old-timey candy at the concessions table, which added to the fun, and a table on the side where people performed the sound effects of the opening doors and the walking and so on like an old radio show. The actors were great, and they made it more than just an audio performance. The adaptation was very true to the text and the sound effects were so seamlessly intertwined that I sometimes forgot they were live effects. Also, the flatfoot police detective was played by Tom Champion, the voice of the city of Somerville’s emergency telephone announcements, which was kind of hilarious.

So if you’re in the Somerville, MA area next weekend (Thursday-Saturday) you should check it out! Click here for all the info.