surely they could have come up with a better title than “pacific rim”

Ok guys, so Pacific Rim.

It is not a perfect movie.

It is not a particularly surprising movie.

But damn is it a lot of fun.

If the idea of watching (basically) Godzilla fight against (basically) Optimus Prime does not interest you, you should just check out now. But if that sounds like your cup of tea, definitely go see this.

Aside from the pure badassery, there are a lot of little things that make this movie great:

  • the main female lead is Japanese for no pressing reason (she very easily could have been a white character—frankly very easily could have been a man also) and her gender is NEVER brought up as a reason why she shouldn’t fight
  • everyone is casually bilingual, which is cool
  • there is not an annoying love story jimmied into a perfectly decent action story which is basically one of my pet peeves
  • one of the supporting actors was Clifton Collins, Jr from the FP, playing an awesome rockabilly Latino nerd
  • one of the other supporting actors is the guy who played Owen on Torchwood (too lazy to look up) in a much better role than Owen on Torchwood
  • Ron Fucking Perlman

My main gripe with the movie is that there are two young, blond, square-jawed white men who look exactly the same except one of them is supposedly Australian. It was hard figuring out who was who unless one of them was talking. Even the giant robots were easier to tell apart.


Go see this.