it’s that time again

This weekend I, along with half the young adult population of Boston, will take possession of a new apartment. I’m excited! My new apartment is much more difficult to burgle than my current apartment, and is generally nicer—but still in the same neighborhood, so I don’t have to find a new Chinese delivery place.

However. Moving in Boston is absolutely a nightmare. I don’t know if I can fully express the horror to people who aren’t from around here. It’s a college town, and an overwhelming percentage of apartments run September-August leases, so even those of us who aren’t tied to the college calendar have to sign a lease for September 1st. Everyone moves on those two days. It’s a clusterfuck like you can’t even imagine. And people always try to drive big trucks on Storrow Drive under bridges where they do not fit, which then stops traffic and fucks up everyone’s day.

So this weekend will be interesting. I tried to book a truck for this weekend in late March and was unable to reserve the truck for the full time that I wanted. In March. Many landlords start showing apartments in January for September move-in, so it’s not actually surprising that most trucks would be reserved by April. (Protip: if you think you might be moving around September 1st, reserve the truck even if you have nowhere to move to. Just make the reservation.)

So yeah, I have my plan in place (wine is involved) (after I’m done driving) and hopefully the next few days will go smoothly and next you hear I will be celebrating my new apartment with a Project Runway marathon and a bottle of the Best Boozes.

Also I am lucky to have such lovely cats who are helping me pack.


See you on the other side, peeps.


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