home is where the cats are

Greetings from the new apartment! Watson settled right in even before there was furniture:


But the rest of us needed a few days (and a couch and a mattress) before we got really comfortable. I still don’t have real internet, so this is not quite the haven that one would want their home to be, but I’m working on it.

Moving day was, of course, a special experience, which was only enhanced when it started pouring buckets around 10am. I was at the realtor’s around 10, getting my keys, and you could see the hope and joy just slip away from all the students and parents who were waiting around. Luckily I’d arranged it so I didn’t have much to actually do on September 1st, so I spent most of the day hiding from the people who didn’t really know how to drive moving trucks.

So I’m still working on boxes and internet, but overall things are going pretty well in the new place. There’s a microwave! And a dishwasher! It’s a whole new world up in here. (But some things never change.)