This was my first year going to MICE (The Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) and it was HOPPING. I hear it was dead at the beginning of the day, but Saturday afternoon was downright bustling. I mostly just swung through to visit some friends who were tabling, so this can’t really be a proper Review of the Show, but I had a good time and it looked like everyone else did, too.

There were some artists that I recognized from Boston Comic Con, and I think the fact that they weren’t competing for attention with the likes of Mike Mignola or Scott Snyder or movie stars or cosplayers made them a little more at ease. Sometimes walking through BCC can feel like an exercise in avoiding desperate eye contact; MICE was a lot more relaxed and friendly. Layout’s a little weird but, hey, free.

So, if you have an interest in or curiosity about non-Big-Two comics, definitely check out MICE next year!