take your passion, make it happen

This was a big weekend for me. After multiple knee-dislocations, surgery, many months of physical therapy, and finally re-learning how to run, I officially ran my first 5K on Sunday!!

They gave me a medal and everything. (Don't be impressed, everyone got a medal. It's like Little League.)
They gave me a medal and everything. (Don’t be too impressed, everyone got a medal. It’s like Little League.)

The race in question was the fabulous Superhero 5K in Central Square, Cambridge. Everyone dressed up, it was a lot of fun. (You can see some of the costumes here.) I dressed up as Flashdance (get it? get it?). OK, wow, coincidentally the Flashdance song just started playing on my computer. WEIRD. Anyway. Here I am practicing my official Flashdance pose pre-race:

Watson is annoyed that I’m not petting him.

My only real goal was to run the entire race without stopping, which I did. My secondary secret goal was to run it in under 40 minutes, which I also did! So yes, I spent most of Sunday afternoon feeling very satisfied with myself. Hooray running!

I’m not sure what’s next, but the race was so much fun that something will be next. Anyone near Boston have any suggestions?


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  1. keep going. i’m not really that well versed on knee injuries and surgeries, but i wish you luck. i had a lot of complications, surgeries… and it sucks, so i sympathize and also congratulate you on your tenacity. well done, sister. xx

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