five years of gracetopia

As I mentioned in passing in a recent post, last month we hit the official 5-year mark of this blog. Time for a bit of reflection, maybe?

The first five posts on this blog, in 2008, were about:

I like to think I’ve gotten more interesting since then.

In terms of Life Stuff, in the last five years I have:

  • moved 3 times, finally ending up in an apartment I love (so far, knock on wood)
  • made some really good friends in Boston
  • gotten a real grownup job that I really enjoy
  • acquired two cats
  • acquired a boyfriend
  • written a couple of books, but never finished anything to my own satisfaction
  • had knee surgery
  • made some stupid life mistakes
  • made some good life choices
  • written a lot of really dumb blog posts

Sometimes I think about going back and deleting the stupider of my old blog posts (writing wordcount updates from 2009, or my incessant whining about how hard writing is from 2010, or everything about Project Runway) but I figure I haven’t said anything too embarrassing or idiotic and I might as well leave them for posterity. Also the numbers make my blog archives look really impressive and nobody’s going to actually go back and check my posts from three years ago, right? (Someday when I’m famous these words will haunt me.)

Skipping ahead to the conclusion: many thanks to everyone who reads Gracetopia, especially if you’ve been around the entire 5 years. I know I spend a lot time rambling about nonsense, so I really appreciate that people ramble along with me sometimes. Here’s to 5 more!

Awkward selfie time. Cheers!

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