the animals need your help

So I understand people like to give away money at the end of the year, whether for tax purposes or because they get influenced by the Giving Season, or maybe just because they’re nice. If you are one of those people and you’re looking for a place to send some of your hard-earned dollars, may I suggest the Animal Rescue League of Boston?

If you’ve been here before you are probably familiar with Watson, aka the Tailless Wonder, aka the Little Asshole:

Napping with Wonder Woman, like you do.

I adopted Watson in July of 2012 from the ARL. I almost didn’t, actually, because Watson (named Lord Puffton at the time) had a big Medical Note tacked to the outside of his cage and I walked past a few times like, “Ugh, medical issues mean money, I’m not going to adopt a cat with problems, I’m too cheap to be that much of a Good Person.” But then, as I was wandering through looking at all of the other cats and kittens, this scrawny orange ball of fluff woke up from his nap and stood up and blinked a few times and I got my first real look at him and I went, “Oh my God he doesn’t have a tail that is too cute.” The rest is history. What can I say, I’m a sucker.

Early days. A chubby, infected head and a skinny, underfed body. Very friendly.
Early days. A chubby, infected head and a skinny, underfed body. The big chunks missing from his coat are where the ARL cut out matted fur.

The ARL found Watson wandering the streets of Boston, underfed, un-neutered, and with a severe ear infection that had moved into his face. He had no tail when they took him in, but according to the vet he was actually born with a tail, which means he lost it at some point in a probably painful fashion. The ARL cleaned him up, neutered and chipped him, and took care of him until I came along a few weeks later.

He can be an annoying little jerk sometimes (said everyone, ever, about their cat) but he’s an absolute darling and I am so glad he woke up from his nap so I could fall in love with him. And, of course, I am so glad that the ARL took him in. Which brings me to my point: we need places like the ARL. The unfortunate truth is that a lot of sweet, loving cats and dogs end up out on the streets trying to survive, and we need institutions like the ARL to rescue them and care for them until their “forever” family comes along.

Closer to today. Chubby, fluffy, and happy in the chair where I want to sit.
A few weeks ago. A chubby belly and a normal-sized but fluffy face. In my chair, obviously. It’s OK, Watson, I’ll just sit here on the floor.

The best way to help animals like Watson, hungry and homeless and sick animals, is to kick places like the ARL a few dollars every now and then. The ARL is doing an end-of-year fundraising push right now, and you can donate here; if you’re local, the site also has information about fostering, volunteering, and other ways to help.

So I hope all the cute pictures and Watson’s tale of woe (but not tail of woe, haha see what I did there) have convinced you to send the ARL (or your own local shelter) a bit of holiday money. And if your home includes a shelter animal, let us know in the comments! Pictures are encouraged. :)