sick on a sunday updates

Blah. Sick.

I deleted the half-marathon countdown widget because it seemed to think that June is in 4 months. I already feel intimidated by my training timeline, like the race is staring me down, no need to accelerate the process, WordPress. (June is more than 4 months away, right? I’m not messing that up?)

Today I’m lounging around with the cats, trying to take it easy so I’m good to go to work tomorrow. I dislike being sick (who doesn’t) and I turn into a very whiny sick person. You should be glad the internet is between us.

Sometime during my sick haze I had the brilliant idea to start a new tumblr, and then—needing content—I decided to catalog every outfit Emma Peel ever wore on the Avengers. Part of me suspects that this is a subconscious ploy to procrastinate on finishing the various novels I’m writing, but the other part of me is excited about screen-capping every single last catsuit.

I think this afternoon is going to be devoted to monster movies and cat snuggling. Happy Sunday, y’all.