long run report: 2/15/14

Distance: 3 miles (I know, I know, not super-long, baby steps)

That pretty building is a piece of Boston College.
That pretty church-like building behind the trees is a piece of Boston College. It is probably actually a church. I really have no idea. Cool story, bro.

Today’s run was choppy because I kept having to climb over snowbanks and stopping to penguin-walk over ice until I figured out that I should be in the clean carriageway (pictured) instead of on the sidewalk. I figured this out because the runners training for the Boston Marathon are starting to appear on this road (the marathon route), and they were all running over there away from the traffic, because they are smarter than I am. (Also, they are better runners. I just put my head down and bopped along to Paula Abdul and tried to feel proud of my 3 miles.)

When I was almost home I passed two bros, one of whom was carrying a case of Coors Light (which, blegh) at 11am. “It’s my 21st birthday!” he proudly announced to me as I ran past, pointing at the case. So wherever you are, happy birthday Mystery Bro!

And that was today’s run.


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