long run report: 2/22/14

Distance: 4 miles

Accidentally ran up Heartbreak Hill today because FUNSIES. I mean, actually, I accidentally ran down it, and then I had to go up to get back home again. I guess I didn’t realize it was quite so close.

oy vey
Nothing like a blue sky and a nice hill to make you feel alive.

I need to find a new route so I’m not doing my long run and hill workouts at the same time, because that seems like kind of a poor idea. My Garmin (present to myself before sudden vet bills occurred yesterday) will arrive sometime this week, so it will be easier to make up (hill-free) routes as I go and still keep track of my distance.

It’s so cool seeing all the other runners emerging from hibernation. Springtime + Marathon training = lots of running friends!


2 thoughts on “long run report: 2/22/14

    1. That’s my usual run! But it’s so icy this time of year. I’m hoping it melts soon, because these hills are going to be the death of me.

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