Runners: Assemble!


Today I was at work, like you do. Working, minding my owns, etc. BUT THEN. I left a meeting and got back to my desk just in time to see this tweet from RunDisney:

At which point I pretty much lost my shit. An Avengers half marathon at Disneyland?? There may have been some of this:

And maybe a little of this:

Of course, now I have to choose: Avengers in November or Disney Princess in February? Probably can’t manage both. There’s something magical about taking part in the First Ever in the Entire World Avengers Half Marathon, but I’ve been looking forward to the Princess Half for literally years. I don’t know what to doooooo.

(And yes, I have a costume picked out for both races and no, I am not telling you what they are.)

Anyone out there planning to do either? Both? HELP ME DECIDE, OBI-WANS.


3 thoughts on “Runners: Assemble!

  1. Do both. And it would amuse me if you went as Lady Loki for reasons (yes, I know, not an Avenger, but I suspect you have some flexibility with the studio that owns Marvel).

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