long run report: 3/23/14 (plus, overcoming the 3-mile wall)

(for those of you who aren’t here for the running, I promise the next post is about comic books)

Distance: 5 miles (longest run evahhhhhh)

The snow has finally melted.

Still gloomy outside and icy in the water, but at least the path is clear!
Still gloomy outside and icy in the water, but at least the path is clear!

This means I can run on the reservoir again and not destroy my body trying to run up and down hills. Hurray! And today it meant I had a nice flat 5 miles to run, scoring my longest distance ever. Hurray again!

It’s very fulfilling when you pass your previous longest distance (in my case, 4 miles and a bit) and then you can spend the final mile going “every single step you take from here on out is your longest run ever.” And then if your music randomly shuffles to Final Countdown at the end, that helps a bit too.

Getting to 5 miles has been a longer journey than I expected. After my knee surgery and PT, I got back up to around 3 mile runs in time for my first 5K in October. Now it’s March, which means it’s taken about 6 months to add 2 miles, which seems excessive. I could blame the cold and snow (I only run outside) or I could blame my own laziness (usually valid), but I think in this case I just mentally couldn’t break past 3 miles. 3 miles was my goal distance for so long, because it was a good “starting” goal, that when I got there I just couldn’t readjust my thinking to the new goal of 4 miles. I knew I wanted to run 4 miles. I signed up for a half marathon, so I knew I needed 4 miles and then some. I just couldn’t do it.

But I hate to fail at things. I’m signed up for a 10K in a couple of weeks (this one) and I think that helped me do it—I don’t want to fail at that 6-and-a-bit miles, so I’ve been able to finally bust through my 3-mile wall.

I like to think I have enough self-discipline that I don’t need an external impetus to succeed, but maybe that’s just not true.

*signs up for more races*