half marathons: 2, Grace: 0


A fact I have come to acknowledge about myself: when I am preparing for something and it becomes apparent that I will not succeed to my full expectations, I stop preparing. For instance, if I were, say, training for a half marathon and it becomes apparent about 4 weeks out that I am just not going to be able to physically run my ass that many miles (13.2), I will probably stop training. A normal person would probably keep training and do the best they could even if they knew they would fall short of their goal. Not me. I just stop.

It’s a character flaw, I know that. Recognizing the flaw is the first step in overcoming it, right?

Anyway, I didn’t run the Runners World Half Marathon at the beginning of June. Now you know why.

I haven’t run since then. I don’t know why. Maybe tomorrow.

So that’s two half marathons that I have signed up for and not run. (In my defense, I couldn’t run the Disney Princess Half because I dislocated my knee.) Third time’s the charm, right?


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