oh hey it’s a blog

So far in 2018 I have made zero blog posts.


In 2017, I posted 4 times.

3 times in 2016. (Thrice, we call that.)

What I’m saying is, it’s been a while. Basically, as the world moved away from personal blogging to Twitter, I was on board. 140 characters was my jam. That giant internet water cooler was magical. And blogging seemed like a lot of pressure. I couldn’t really pick a focus. Comics? Books? YA books? My cats? Whatever topic I half-assed, there was someone else who had made that their entire topic and was obviously doing it better and smarter. I wasn’t really adding anything to any conversation.

So why am I returning to my personal blog?


Guys, Twitter is a shit show. In addition to enabling (purposefully or not?) our current political disaster, Jack and his team are doing nothing to protect its users from abuse. People who are literally the worst people on the planet only get blocked when they annoy or embarrass Jack personally. But if you’re a woman with an opinion, get ready to receive awfulness ranging from anti-Semitic threats against your family to graphic pictures of aborted fetuses–and get ready to be told that these attacks don’t constitute “abuse.” The place is just becoming more toxic and stressful by the day. Nobody needs that nonsense.

I also want to have a sense of ownership again. I want to host conversations on my terms, in my home. “Here is Grace,” not “here is Grace on Instagram” or “here is Grace on Tumblr” or whatever. So this isn’t just a leaving Twitter thing, it’s also a making a Grace Place thing.

I still love Twitter as a platform. The whole concept just works well with my brain, and I’ve learned so much from so many people there. I love the community, I love the window into celebrity lives, I love discovering new artists and voices, I love tweeting my 15th rewatch of Godzilla vs. Monster Zero. During the Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath, Twitter was how I got news and checked in on my friends. There are definitely reasons to stick around, but the company is shit and I can’t in good faith support it, so I want to start extricating myself.

And I mean let’s be real, I’m not really quitting Twitter. But I’m going to try to move most of my time and energy over here. What’s it going to look like? Who knows. Probably not a ton of long posts, maybe just checking in every few days. We’ll just all find out together!