the season is changing!

Autumn is here! Or, as my pedantic partner likes to remind me, “autumnal weather” is here because “it’s technically still summer, Grace.” Yes, I am getting “um, actually’d” in my own home. Men.


I grew up (oh God 20 years ago now I’m so old) near the California coast, where there are two seasons: pleasant, and pleasant-but-slightly-wet. Having four distinct seasons is still a treat and one of my favorite things about living in New England, so I’m always excited about the first whisper of any season no matter what horrors it will eventually bring. I had to wear a scarf yesterday! After choosing an outfit during last week’s heat wave based on the single criterion of “what is the least amount of clothing I can wear to work and not get fired,” that scarf was magic.

Anyway, ~autumnal weather~ means I am finally able/willing to turn on the oven and make hearty meals like this stuffed eggplant parmesan. If, like me, you enjoy eggplant parmesan conceptually but always find it too greasy or the breading doesn’t stick (maybe this is just when I make it?), this is an excellent substitute. Though I will warn you that 90% of the dishes I own are now dirty.

And now we are ending our first autumnal weekend by rewatching BLACK PANTHER, the best movie of this or any year—or, as I like to call it, SHURI SAVES THE DAY WHILE HER BIG BROTHER DOES SOME STUFF TOO.


So with that, I’m going to wrap up this muddle of a blog post (it’s just like riding a bike guys, if you were never really good at riding a bike in the first place and also have been riding a unicycle for a few years). I hope you are enjoying your own weekend with friends and family and pets, or just chilling by yourself if you need some Me Time. Until next time, America.

The fact that the internet can’t provide me with a gif of Maury saying “Until next time, America” WHICH IS HOW HE SIGNS OFF EVERY EPISODE MY GOD is an actual crime.