a very important quinceañera

Guys, please joining me in celebrating the 15th birthday of the prettiest bestest baby princess I have ever known.

She’s super stoked about the special quinceañera tutu we got for her.

One of the first things I did after I got a real job and real apartment in Boston was start looking for a cat because (as the sign on my wall says, because I’m that crazy cat lady) “a house without a cat is not a home.” I got Wednesday on Craigslist, for free, because her previous owner couldn’t afford to keep her, and I literally picked her because the ad said she liked to “babysit the hamster in his hamster ball.” My then-roommate had a hamster and I was like, “perfect! a cat who won’t eat my roommate’s pet!” (Wednesday, upon moving in, showed no interest in Tallulah the hamster. Too late to get my money back, I guess.)

“No pictures, please.” But Wednesday, your fans! Your public!

Facts about Wednesday. She’s cranky and persnickety, spry like a kitten, and only has three teeth left. She likes to climb things like bookshelves that she is not allowed to climb, and she likes to eat exactly one food but won’t tell me what it is. In peak cuteness, she is decidedly not a lap cat except when I am sick, when she sleeps on my stomach to force me to take a nap. (This is a true thing that sounds untrue. She always knows. She always makes me nap.)

Wednesday also enjoys taking selfies with me. It’s her FAVE.

She didn’t like my partner at first (she doesn’t like anyone at first) so the second time he came over he brought a bag of treats to bribe his way into both of our hearts.

She likes him best now. I’m not bitter about it… much.

She’s been with me for almost ten years and she is my perfect baby. Happy Birthday Wednesday!

She is going to celebrate her birthday by murdering me for this tutu, but it was worth it.