September 30, 2020: pop the champagne!

Just a girl and her Chandon and her thematically-appropriate shirt.

I know that finishing a first draft is only the beginning of a long journey, but damn it feels good.

This draft is clocking in at what seems like a whopping 107,642 words, and I honestly can’t believe it’s done. There are a lot of things to fix, of course, but it’s been 8 years since I finished a draft of ANYTHING* and I’m just going to revel for a bit. I quit my job a few months ago and finishing this novel was really my primary goal for how to use this time and… I did it!!

Up next:

  • Setting this one to sit for a bit before draft 2
  • Noodling on and then starting the next novel

Also, wow, I continue to REALLY hate this new WordPress editor!

*If this is the future and any agents or editors are reading this like “I wonder if I want to work with Grace,” I generally am much more productive and work much faster on tasks that I am being paid for.

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