NXIVM, Explained

NXIVM, Explained

A 9-part series covering the ins-and-outs of the extremely complicated organization known as NXIVM.

Originally published December 2020.

This series is my attempt to make one semi-cohesive narrative out of the mishegas that is NXIVM/Keith Raniere. This is not intended to be a complete report – there’s just too much, and new information is coming to light every day – but I hope it provides a basic narrative for those who are interested.

Content Warning: Please ensure you are in a good mental headspace before reading, regardless of whether you consider yourself to have any specific triggers. A lot of fucked-up shit happened in NXIVM. Topics will include: eating disorders/dangerous eating habits, sexual abuse (including rape and abuse of minors), Nazis/anti-Semitism, suicide, aggressive gender heteronormativity (I’m not really sure what to call this – Keith Raniere believes there are two genders and created whole curricula around this idea), brainwashing, and blaming victims for their own abuse.

NXIVM, Explained: The Series

Part 1: Introduction and Keith Raniere Before NXIVM
Part 2: The Beginnings of NXIVM: Nancy Salzman and the Executive Success Program
Part 3: Getting the Band Together, NXIVM Edition
Part 4: Hollywood Connections and “The First Women’s Movement that was Created by a Man”
Part 5: Nine Traitors, One Dalai Lama, and One Captive
Part 6: From “Empowering” Women to Branding Them
Part 7: The Fright Experiments and the Beginning of the End
Part 8: On the Run and On Trial
Bonus Post! The Story of the NXIVM Story

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Disclaimer: Before the remnants of NXIVM sue me, I wish to clarify that the items covered in this series are allegations. I am merely recapping and collating the reporting done over many years by other media sources, including highly credible publications and media organizations that I trust to both fact-check their work and who also ran their articles or documentaries through their legal department. That’s all that is happening here. A simple recap of allegations.