My name is Grace, and I’ve spent most of my life wanting to be a writer. Recently I decided to rethink my ambitions and see what happens if I just try to be someone who writes, and here we are.

It’s me! I feel like if you look carefully this picture tells you a lot about me, including that I just moved and haven’t unpacked yet.

Things I like, in no particular order: cats, champagne, Oxford commas, Sherlock Holmes, Star Wars (just the three of them), the San Jose Sharks, TV shows about cults, books about murders, BRAVOlebrities, King Ghidorah, movies where small animals are filmed in closeup to make them look like big animals, Doctor Who (especially Pertwee), and white wine.

(Who am I kidding, that’s definitely in order.)

The list of things I dislike is longer and less interesting.

I live in Somerville, MA, which is slightly different from but definitely better than Boston.

If you want to talk to me, Twitter is your quickest option, or I’ll probably answer the this form within a few weeks.