one week later (or, how’s that “no Twitter” thing going for you Grace?)

So, it’s been about a week since I declared myself mostly-done with Twitter and made my great return to the personal blogging world. Nothing particularly revolutionary happened. I don’t know what it looked like from the outside (since I was still Tweeting lol) but I definitely felt the¬†lessness of Twitter in my life. This didn’t … More one week later (or, how’s that “no Twitter” thing going for you Grace?)

oh hey it’s a blog

So far in 2018 I have made zero blog posts. In 2017, I posted 4 times. 3 times in 2016. (Thrice, we call that.) What I’m saying is, it’s been a while. Basically, as the world moved away from personal blogging to Twitter, I was¬†on board. 140 characters was my jam. That giant internet water … More oh hey it’s a blog

lazy day of summer

Wow it’s hot. I have accomplished approximately nothing this weekend. I’m currently in Providence, RI, lazing on my friend’s deck in this 87-degree weather. Trying to balance the beer intake with the water intake and stay under the umbrella’s shade. Had some thoughts of writing, but the sun broiled my brain to mush. So I’m … More lazy day of summer

amazon update

From the New York Times. From the BBC. An “error,” huh? One that affects gay and lesbian literature and not vibrators? Okay then. Whatever you say, amazon. On a totally different note, I dislike the way the BBC article talks about bloggers and the general internet community, and about how quick they/we were to jump … More amazon update

Spring Cleaning

Wow so I’m failing at this whole blogging thing of late. And I don’t even have the “no internet” excuse any more. Apologies. I know you, my fans, must have been going through major withdrawal. I hope to make it up to you. Have not yet figured out how, but stay tuned. So anyway. We’ll … More Spring Cleaning