sunday sunday

Good evening, everyone. Currently listening to: the Sharks game. Gooooo Sharks! I wish I didn’t have to listen to it on the radio, b/c the radio announcers are even more annoying than the normal announcers. Oh well. Someday I’ll own the Sharks, so they’ll save me box seats for every game. (hey, a girl can … More sunday sunday

my favorite day

You can keep your Christmas, your Valentine’s Day, your birthdays and your New Year’s. There’s only one holiday that holds a place in my heart, and it’s the one that’s coming up in a couple of weeks. I love Thanksgiving. Love love love. I don’t know if it says something about me that my favorite … More my favorite day


oh hai. I have returned from one of the most depressing and horrible trips of my life. My first grandfather died when I was really too young to remember it, and the few other funerals I’ve attended were more distant relatives, and even the ones I was close to–again I was very young. Nothing really … More return

rest in peace

The voicemail message was from my dad, and I knew immediately something was wrong. It was one of those, “call me or your mother when you get this” messages, no further details. Those are never good. So I called and got the news: my grandfather had taken a turn for the worse. Dad was flying … More rest in peace