can you dig it? yes, sir, I can.

Last night, the House of Blues Boston hosted the joint Cyndi Lauper-Dr. John tour, and there was much rejoicing. I went for Dr. John, who is among my favorite musicians, expecting Cyndi Lauper to just be a nice bonus. I was confused about how their sounds went together, but I had faith. And, well. Apparently Cyndi Lauper sings the blues now. And it is pretty fabulous.

Dr. John was the opener, technically, but he and his band were up there for at least an hour, more like an hour and a half, playing the best of cajun rock n roll. As per usual with him, his band was amazing, from the drummer to the trombone player, and it really didn’t seem like they were there as “Dr. John’s band” but as “the band that Dr. John is a part of.” A group of virtuosos.

Dressed to the nines, of course, Dr. John walked and danced stiffly but his fingers still fly. Truly amazing to listen to.

He and Cyndi did a couple of duets at the end of his set, one of which (Wang Dang Doodle) Cyndi didn’t know very well, but it was a fun finale. A pair of powerhouses.

And then Cyndi came back for her set, and wow that woman is a rock star.

I don’t even know where to start. She’s just a straight-up motherfucking rock star. Head-to-toe leather; wild, partially-pink hair; badass attitude. And then she started singing the blues and I was like WHOA.

She never stopped moving, dancing around the stage with more energy than most of the audience, interacting with her band and just full-on rocking out. She sang some upbeat songs, some slow songs, some things I’d never heard and classics like Robert Johnson’s “Crossroads.” She kept coming down to the front row and at one point she scolded someone who was holding a video camera mere inches from her face, telling him he was going miss the show.

The woman just has presence. And talent. You wouldn’t think, listening to her classic hits, that she has such a deep, bluesy range but oh God she does. Some of the notes she hit were jaw-dropping.

Even her own band seemed to be in awe of her, and she introduced some of them as having been with her for decades. They kept shaking their heads and just had looks on their faces like, “damn.” It was kind of touching.

However, while the music was good there was a lot of logistical mis-management, for which I blame the House of Blues. The show was advertised as starting at 7, doors at 6. According to security managing the massive line, the show was in fact “supposed to” start at 8, doors at 7, it had been advertised wrong. “Supposed to,” huh? Even yesterday they were tweeting the “wrong” time. Get it together, HOB.

So everyone was there super-early and kind of cranky by the time we were let inside. Also, I had to stand in line next to a running bus for a while, which smelled awesome let me tell you. But the good Doctor started promptly at 8 and the annoyance quickly evaporated because really you can’t be unhappy listening to that man play.

There were also some sound/mic problems, the most egregious being when they didn’t turn on one of Cyndi’s instruments and she was kneeling by the board trying to figure it out herself. (Which she did. I assume when you’ve been doing this as long as she has, those boards aren’t as much of a mystery as they are to, say, me.) So. I expect better of a venue like the House of Blues. Maybe pay less attention to the flat-screen TVs and more to working the mics properly?

But overall it was a fabulous show. Two stars doing what they do best—rocking our collective face off.


mish-mash muddle

Hi! I’m here! Been busy this past week, what with work craziness and friend awesomeness. So a quick catch-up of my recent activities and ponderings.

So. Bullet points, methinks? Why yes please.

  • On Kanye: I’m with O’Bama here, what a jackass. I don’t care if you’re drunk, I don’t care if you haven’t recovered from your mother’s death (I mean I do, but dude take some time off, nobody will blame you, and stop using it as an excuse) but you don’t have to ruin the girl’s moment. On the other hand and also, I’m tired of hearing about it. I’ve enjoyed its week of press, but enough is enough. Move on.
  • On Joe Wilson: Okay so maybe I’m an insensitive bigot, but could everyone just chill the fuck out, please? Telling the President he’s a liar is okay. No, really. I personally think O’Bama is the shit, but if we can’t call our politicians out when we think they’re wrong, what’s the point? Sure it’s disrespectful. Wilson didn’t mean to be respectful. He doesn’t like our President. And that’s okay.
    Of course, if he doesn’t like our president because our President is black, as some people are saying, that is not okay. I haven’t really looked into Wilson’s past—he’s a Republican from South Carolina, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. But even if he were a card-carrying member of the KKK, those two words—”you lie”—don’t reflect that at all. They’re just rude and ill-timed and my god people get over it already.
    Devil’s Advocate, that’s me.
  • 9: Don’t go see this movie. It does not live up to expectations at ALL, and I was really expecting it to be good. It’s really really pretty, and if you have to see it, definitely see it on the big screen, but ugh plot wtf. It’s taken Harry Potter and Star Wars elements and squished them all together with the apocolypse. Things are not explained, things are weird, dialogue is blah, it’s just a total ugh.
  • One of my bffs just moved to New York City and I am sooooo jealous of him. Haha I just called him a bff. I hope he properly appreciates it.
  • I would not make a good politician’s wife, because I don’t know how to tie a tie. (Currently watching Brotherhood.)
  • roadhouse
    RIP, babe. I’ll miss you.

gimme a v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n

I really should be packing now, since I’m flying away to Minnesota tomorrow. But I am not. Instead I am drinking beer and faffing around on facebook and other such productive things. I can’t even say I’m doing laundry, since I think I just heard the washing machine stop. So. Time for a bullet-point post, methinks.

  • First and most importantly, if you’re in Boston this weekend you should go see Rosencranz and Guildenstern Are Dead in Cambridge. It’s being put on by Bad Habit Productions and is playing at a YMCA on Mass Ave just off of Central Square. Seriously. It is an amazing production. I love the play, I think I’d rank it at least in my Top 10 plays of all time, if not Top 5, and this production was fantastifabulous. R and G and the Player were all SPOT ON, and the troupe of players (don’t remember what they’re actually called…) were all wonderful as well. I didn’t like the King and Queen so much, but everyone else made up for it. Really, a fantastic show. I was so sad that the audience was so small when I went to see it on Saturday. SO GO SEE IT THIS WEEKEND.
  • I sort of accidentally saw Harry Potter last week. I think I’ve now actually seen most of them in theaters, even though I never really want to… seeing as I don’t so much like the books… but my friends were going and I’m nothing if not a follower. So we went, and since all I really remembered was the Big Ending (which I mentioned, thereby spoiling it for one of my friends, but I didn’t think it was a secret anymore? but anyway I’m not going to mention it here.) but yeah I didn’t remember any of the smaller plot points so it was almost like watching a fresh story. I actually enjoyed it. Yanno, for Harry Potter. But I’m not going to recommend it, just on principle.
  • So Tuesday morning I woke up and went to my computer and I had a google calendar alert thing informing me that I was going to a concert that night at the House of Blues. The Eagles of Death Metal, who I had never heard of. I checked my stash of tickets and sure enough there it was. This isn’t totally out of the ordinary, I love live music and tend to buy tickets to bands I’ve never heard of if the first one or two things I find on youtube is good. I decided not to remind myself who they were (I figured I’d investigated when I got the ticket and liked them, so I shouldn’t be too worried) so I just went to the concert cold. No idea what to expect.And you may recall my discomfort with the Tracy Chapman crowd? And how old and/or obnoxious and/or generally odd they all were? Well I walked into EoDM and was faced with a sea of mostly men in jeans and dark shirts, covered in tattoos and piercings. “Yessss,” I thought. “This is my crowd. I know what to do with this.”

    The show was great. EoDM isn’t actually a death metal band, which was fine with me. Good solid little rock band. Lots of fun. And they were superb performers. They all—the lead singer especially—treated the audience like it was the greatest audience they had ever performed for. It was so so so much fun.

    Which brings me to my final note of that evening. I went alone, which I usually do, and I was drinking (not excessively, really) and dancing my heart out and just generally having a blast, and apparently people noticed… Not one, no, not one but two different men commented afterwards that I had obviously had an awesome time. One of them accosted me by saying, “Hey Party Girl!” So… yeah. Just call me Party Girl. Apparently my reputation in this town is growing.

  • Someone outside my window is really pissed off and yelling…
  • I hit myself in the side of the head this morning (don’t ask) and my tragus piercing pushed all the way through the hole and popped out. When I stopped by the piercing place after work (conveniently located within sight of my apartment) the hole was already so healed she had to stretch the hole to get the post in.* WTF, ear. Chill the fuck out.
  • It turns out I have a 35-minute layover in Atlanta, so hopefully I catch my second flight tomorrow…
  • Which brings me full circle to the packing thing. Okay. Here I go. Don’t expect much bloggyness for the next week or so.
*Do with that phrase what you will…

tracy chapman

So I’m always a little leery of concerts that are not going to involve mosh pits. Even if I have no desire to be in said mosh pit, that’s the kind of music I usually see in concert, so I know how to behave. So I was a bit wary of Tracy Chapman. She didn’t seem like a mosh pit kind of gal. I didn’t really know what to expect.

My arrival did nothing to ease my worries. All of the concert-goers were so fucking annoying. I wanted to kill the 40-something couple in line behind me. There’s a point where you just have to stop being a cutesy couple, and 40-something is well past it. And inside—well, at first glance it was the most diverse crowd I’ve ever seen at the House of Blues. There were old couples, young couples, groups of girls, groups of boys, a large selection of lone men and women, families, and of all colors and nationalities. But they did have something in common: how obnoxious they all were. Maybe it was just because there were so many people there, but everyone was rude and pushy, and people were having loud obnoxious conversations even after Chapman had started playing, and everyone was just generally not someone I would want to go to a concert with at all. I mean, this isn’t totally a uniform statement. There was a trio of boys who were dressed like douchebags and who I would never expect at a Tracy Chapman concert and who I would never talk to in real life, but they were remarkably amusing when I spoke to them at the bar.

That was a long long paragraph of me complaining about my fellow concert-goers. Apologies. On to the show.


Tracy Chapman is basically the shit. She was friendly and chatty between songs—she was kicking off her US tour after being in Europe, and she was so thrilled to be somewhere she could speak with the crowd instead of stretching the bits of every foreign lnaguage she knew. Also she apparently went to Tufts and spent the past two days wandering around my area of Boston, going to the Coop and taking the T at Harvard Square and how did I not see her??? Bah.

And boy can that woman sing. Like, seriously. My God. She has the voice of an angel. She sang all of her big hits (“Fast Car,” that Revolution one, that other one that’s really famous) as well as some new things and it was just overall wonderful. And oh my god she ended with “Proud Mary,” Tina Turner style. There aren’t even words for how amazing that was.

So yeah, overall a good experience, even though I am still confused about the crowd. How can so many Tracy Chapman fans be annoying? She’s so much awesome. It just doesn’t make sense. Oh well. She was cool enough for everyone.

pretty as a picture

Okay everyone, hold onto your hats. I am about to show you the most shocking picture you have ever seen.



For those of you playing at home, here is what Shane MacGowan used to look like:

shane2 (1)




My world is rocked. Turned upside down. I no longer trust the sun to rise in the east or my compass to point north. Shane MacGowan got his teeth fixed. What is this world coming to?