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I feel good about giving money to the ACLU. Today we published a full-page open letter in the New York Times to President-elect Trump pic.twitter.com/FOpRqn9oNY — ACLU National (@ACLU) November 11, 2016   Advertisements

mish-mash muddle

Hi! I’m here! Been busy this past week, what with work craziness and friend awesomeness. So a quick catch-up of my recent activities and ponderings. So. Bullet points, methinks? Why yes please. On Kanye: I’m with O’Bama here, what a jackass. I don’t care if you’re drunk, I don’t care if you haven’t recovered from … More mish-mash muddle

President Who?

Not gonna lie. Aretha Franklin’s hat was pretty much the best part of my day. I mean, President Obama is cool too, but ZOMG THAT HAT. I cannot begin to describe how much chaos I would cause for the chance of a hat like that. Not that I could pull it off. But damn I … More President Who?

help me, wolf blitzer kenobi. you’re my only hope.

I realize I’m late to this party, but I’ve been busy and sleep-deprived the past few days. Just pretend like I published this post on Wednesday morning. Thank you. Wow. Seriously. Just wow. This may have been the greatest election in the history of the United States of America, and for one reason and one … More help me, wolf blitzer kenobi. you’re my only hope.


Joe the Plumber IS NOT A PLUMBER AT ALL!!! Also he owes back taxes. YOU BETRAYED MY TRUST, JOE. NOW who am I going to vote for? No, wait, I know. Guys, our path is clear. We must convince Joe Six-pack to run for President.