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And now that I’ve enticed you in with a cat photo, here are some random updates:

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long run report: 3/23/14 (plus, overcoming the 3-mile wall)

(for those of you who aren’t here for the running, I promise the next post is about comic books)

Distance: 5 miles (longest run evahhhhhh)

The snow has finally melted.

Still gloomy outside and icy in the water, but at least the path is clear!
Still gloomy outside and icy in the water, but at least the path is clear!

This means I can run on the reservoir again and not destroy my body trying to run up and down hills. Hurray! And today it meant I had a nice flat 5 miles to run, scoring my longest distance ever. Hurray again!

It’s very fulfilling when you pass your previous longest distance (in my case, 4 miles and a bit) and then you can spend the final mile going “every single step you take from here on out is your longest run ever.” And then if your music randomly shuffles to Final Countdown at the end, that helps a bit too.

Getting to 5 miles has been a longer journey than I expected. After my knee surgery and PT, I got back up to around 3 mile runs in time for my first 5K in October. Now it’s March, which means it’s taken about 6 months to add 2 miles, which seems excessive. I could blame the cold and snow (I only run outside) or I could blame my own laziness (usually valid), but I think in this case I just mentally couldn’t break past 3 miles. 3 miles was my goal distance for so long, because it was a good “starting” goal, that when I got there I just couldn’t readjust my thinking to the new goal of 4 miles. I knew I wanted to run 4 miles. I signed up for a half marathon, so I knew I needed 4 miles and then some. I just couldn’t do it.

But I hate to fail at things. I’m signed up for a 10K in a couple of weeks (this one) and I think that helped me do it—I don’t want to fail at that 6-and-a-bit miles, so I’ve been able to finally bust through my 3-mile wall.

I like to think I have enough self-discipline that I don’t need an external impetus to succeed, but maybe that’s just not true.

*signs up for more races*

sick on a sunday updates

Blah. Sick.

I deleted the half-marathon countdown widget because it seemed to think that June is in 4 months. I already feel intimidated by my training timeline, like the race is staring me down, no need to accelerate the process, WordPress. (June is more than 4 months away, right? I’m not messing that up?)

Today I’m lounging around with the cats, trying to take it easy so I’m good to go to work tomorrow. I dislike being sick (who doesn’t) and I turn into a very whiny sick person. You should be glad the internet is between us.

Sometime during my sick haze I had the brilliant idea to start a new tumblr, and then—needing content—I decided to catalog every outfit Emma Peel ever wore on the Avengers. Part of me suspects that this is a subconscious ploy to procrastinate on finishing the various novels I’m writing, but the other part of me is excited about screen-capping every single last catsuit.

I think this afternoon is going to be devoted to monster movies and cat snuggling. Happy Sunday, y’all.

reflections: official “end of 2013” post

mulan reflection headstones
Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me?

It’s that time of year! Having done a bunch of top-10-whatever lists in my early blogging days, I’m kind of over them now, but I like taking time at the end of the year to take stock, make goals, and figure out what I want to do as I move ahead.

I like goals better than resolutions. Resolutions are vague and scary; goals are discrete and therefore manageable. My goals can generally be broken down into a few predictable categories:


Let’s just get it out the way—my biggest failure this year was with my writing goals. I didn’t get much writing done, frankly, and I definitely didn’t finish anything, especially nothing I wanted to share with people. I have a simple goal this year, which is to do something writerly every day, whether it is write, revise, or what have you. (I guess write and revise are the only two options there.)

I will also be attempting to read 52 books next year.


One of my major goals for 2013 was to run a 5K, and I totally succeeded—twice! A goal for next year is to run a half-marathon, and I’m already signed up. So we’ll see how that goes. Sort of related, my knee didn’t dislocate once during 2013, and I’d like to keep that streak going in 2014.


In general my life went pretty well this year. I recovered from last December’s knee surgery, got a great new job that I love, moved into a great new apartment that I love, and had a pretty excellent time with friends and family. I’m sure something bad happened but I’m just going to look back through rose-colored glasses and pretend I don’t remember. In general, I feel like 2013 was a “settling down” kind of year—everything has kind of settled into place in my life and I feel like I’m at a good zero-point to move forward and have adventures. Overall I am very content. (Knock on wood. Please don’t hurt me, 2014.)

For 2014… this is definitely more of a vague resolution than a concrete goal, but my big one in this category is to be more intellectually curious.

So with that—farewell, 2013! Warp factor seven, 2014! Engage!

coming soon: Gracetopia, 2014 ed.

Spent some time today going through and deleting old blog post drafts—posts that, frankly, we are all lucky I stopped writing. I really do try to save us all from the dull inanities of my life. (But Grace, I hear you say, all you do on this blog is write about dull inanities. Right, so imagine how bad these posts were.)

As usual, looking backwards made me thing about going forward (aside: I was a history major), so here’s what I’m thinking of doing with gracetopia in two zero one four:

  • GVacationPost more about my travels. I am lucky enough to travel for my job, and this year I tried to start doing a “notes from the road” series but the posts don’t really have much meat. So, one of my plans is to do a better job of sharing some of the entertaining and interesting parts of my journeys, not just photos out of my hotel room window. (Though you have to admit, the Miami Beach photo is pretty baller.) (Is baller a thing the kids are saying now?) The problem, of course, is that I spent a lot of time in hotel rooms, which are inherently pretty dull. But fuck it, I’m a writer, let’s do this and make it sparkle.
  • Write more about what I read. I like reading. I like talking about reading. I tend to prefer talking about things I love rather than tearing apart things I don’t, so that’ll probably be the focus. I do try to shout out some of my favorite reads every now and then (HAWKEYE) but I guess what I’m saying is I’m going to try to focus more on making this a place for discussion about books/comics. Yeah.
  • Post more pictures. People like pictures, right? Breaks up all the text and whatnot. Related to this, I will have to take more pictures, because most of mine don’t really relate to the topics I might write about.

    This is an example of a picture. I took this at the Georgia Aquarium in June 2013. It portrays a creepy-pretty sea creature in the jellyfish family. /science
  • Write more about Boston stuff. Boston, you’re my home. I want to reflect that a bit more at gracetopia, especially to give people who aren’t from around here a taste of what the city’s like. I wasn’t really sold on Boston when I arrived, but I’m kind of digging it now and I’d like to share that. (What about digging it? Do the kids say that?) This will also (maybe?) be an impetus to get my butt out from in front of Project Runway/Say Yes to the Dress marathons and actually do things in this city.
  • More cat pictures. Because you can never have enough cat pictures. Internet FACT.
we don't mess around with nap time
nap time is the best time

So, you know, get excited for all of that. And let me know if something jumps out at you and you’re like omg more of this!