reading roundup #1

~an occasional collection of miscellany~

On Discipline: I’m currently re-reading Wonderbook by Jeff VanderMeer—well, scratch that, I’m kind of skimming it and diving into the parts I need right now and dancing around the parts I don’t. Which I think VanderMeer would be OK with. Anyway, I am currently re-experiencing Wonderbook by Jeff VanderMeer, and part of that is looking at the web-only “extras.” I found this essay on discipline to be something I especially needed right now. (You can learn more about this really extraordinary creative writing book at

From Marie Claire Magazine:


I adore Nnedi Okorafor, and was delighted to see her in June 2019’s Marie Claire magazine. Online (and slightly longer) version here.

From the New Yorker: A personal attack on me, personally.

img_2711The Art of Neil Gaiman: The Story of a Writer, by Hayley Campbell. I started reading this because I needed a kind of writing pick-me-up, but that’s not what this book is. Neil Gaiman’s writing journey is remarkable, but not aspirational; so many of the things that got him to be the Neil Gaiman of Today are such distinct, unique, Neil Gaiman-y kinds of things that not only are they not replicable they aren’t really encouraging. Once I got over that mental hump, it’s an enjoyable read that seems to turn into a different kind of book every 25 pages or so. Currently it’s a history of 1980s/90s comics, and I’m into it.

“I know a good book when I read one, and I know a good book when I write one.” I have reread this dumpster fire of a post multiple times since I first encountered it (including more than one dramatic read-aloud) and it is a delight every time. It’s awful, but amazing.

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