It’s cold in Boston tonight. I wasn’t near the marathon finish line yesterday; the closest I got was around mile 22.5, which is where I was accidentally stationed when the pack of elite men ran by. I cheered, I went home, and I was watching MST3K when people started tweeting about the explosions. Boston is … More 4/15/13

i’m old now

My birthday was this week. I am now 27, which switches me over from “mid-twenties” to “late-twenties,” which means I’m almost 30, which basically means I’m decrepit. I kid, I kid. This last year has been good professionally and pretty peaceful personally (except for the recent break-in). The only truly unfortunate aspect of my 26th … More i’m old now

the magical world of Disney

Because someone broke into my apartment and stole my camera in a most UNMAGICAL fashion, we only have a few pictures left from our Disney adventures. Luckily this one of me + my one true love survived: Sighhhhh. What a dreamboat. Call me, Eric.

in like a lion

Well. And then it was mid-March. Let’s recap: I only had a few days turnaround between coming back from Disney World (vacation) and heading to Atlanta (not vacation). After Atlanta I returned home long enough to have my apartment broken into and various valuables stolen, and then I traveled again (Washington DC). By that point … More in like a lion


The big crisis of my life this week has been what color to paint my nails in preparation for Disney World. I know, guys, I have it rough. Anyway, I decided on Barbie/Pepto Bismal/Disney Princess pink, and now I’m ready to go! That’s right, I’m heading back to that glorious land of magic, Disney World … More vacaaaation