writing what?

Well, today’s update is that I am 3708 words into a brand-spanking new story. Yes, I know I shouldn’t. But I’m going to fake NaNo it—fake because I’ve already started—and I’ll write hardcore between now and November 30 and then stop and see what I have. I figure it’ll be easier to just power through … More writing what?

writing update 6/23/09

I’ve put off last week’s update for basically as long as I could. Chrysanthemum current wordcount: 43,263 last week: 43,082 satisfied?: +181 hahahaha oh god grace. This is why I kept putting off this update, I was hoping to up that dreadful number. But no. ‘scuse me while I shoot myself. comments: that +181 might … More writing update 6/23/09

lazy day of summer

Wow it’s hot. I have accomplished approximately nothing this weekend. I’m currently in Providence, RI, lazing on my friend’s deck in this 87-degree weather. Trying to balance the beer intake with the water intake and stay under the umbrella’s shade. Had some thoughts of writing, but the sun broiled my brain to mush. So I’m … More lazy day of summer

respectable or no-talent?

Interesting article from the NY Times about author advances. I don’t know that I really believe in big advances. Should I ever get a book deal, my agent will probably make me come back and delete that sentence. But really—so much pressure! I mean I guess it kind of forces the publisher to care; if … More respectable or no-talent?