Unpublished but I Already Have Fan Art!

Around this time last year I finished the first draft of a novel. It’s currently sitting in a binder, awaiting yet another round of revision, and to date it has been read only by a few lovely beta readers. One of these was my talented boyfriend, and because he is super-amazing he made me these:

Those are statues of my two main characters. You can see more images here. I kind of can’t describe how totally awesome it is to see my characters through someone else’s eyes. Especially my main character:

He captured her sass so perfectly.

I was involved somewhat in the design process but he took most of the info straight from the novel and ran with it. This is how I learned that I never gave the main character an eye color, which prompted a series of emails that went sort of like this:

BF: What color are her eyes??

GRACE: oh uhhh… did I not say? Hold on while I search in the word doc for “eye.”

(twenty minutes later)

GRACE: well what do you know no I never gave her an eye color.

BF: …so what color are they?

GRACE: Well I certainly don’t know. Make something up, I guess.

Really though, I know I date him and all so I’m biased but didn’t he do a fantastic job?

first official gracetopia comics digest, 7/29/11

So I’ve decided to do my comics writing in a once-a-week (usually Friday?) digest format. This will help those who like comics to find it and those who hate comics to avoid it. Yes? Yes!


Welcome to the inaugural Gracetopia Comics Digest! This whole concept is a work in progress, so feel free to comment on what works and what doesn’t.

This week we’ll have some what-I’m-reading, some snark about some Justice League covers, what I ordered from DC’s “New 52,” women at DC, and random goodies.

See it all after the jump…

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