why FACE OFF is the best reality show on television

Face Off on SyFy is yet another Project Runway-type ripoff reality show, this one focusing on special effects makeup artists. (Get the feeling they’re running out of niches?) Of course I watched the first season last year, because really now, and it was a lot of fun, but it’s so oddball that I was afraid … More why FACE OFF is the best reality show on television

I need this.

No really. I need this. That’s right, folks. A tauntaun sleeping bag. If you don’t know what a tauntaun is/why this is awesome, you may not be nerdy enough to be reading this blog.


Do my friends know me, or do they know me? Today the lovely Cat directed me to this treasure trove of… Lego Doctor Who going on Lego adventures in his Lego TARDIS. I know right? Some of my faves are the zombies, the windmill, the steampunk blimp, the dinosaurs,  “the doctor’s tower,” and “the other time traveler.” … More woooeeeewoooo


Back from Chicago. I love Chicago. Really, I love that city. Like whoa. My favorite part (aside from the lovely friends I hung out with) was Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, on the University of Chicago campus. Specifically, the living room: A mere photo cannot capture the awesomeness that is this room. (I did not … More hoooooome