g is for grace

This past Sunday I headed down to Edward Gorey’s house with the BF. And I took my camera. And did not take pictures. I do that sometimes. Cool place or vacation and I totally just leave the camera in the bag. Oops. So the pics I’m posting aren’t mine, but I’m linking to their owners. … More g is for grace


Time for cat pictures! You have to admit I have done a really good job of not posting every single cute kitty picture I have. Right? Right. So indulge me for a moment on this hot and sticky Sunday afternoon. Here we have Superkitty, saving us from evil couches everywhere. Dun-dada-DUN!


Working from home today due to plague-like illness. Okay, so that’s a bit of hyperbole. I have a bad cold and I’m cranky. Happy? Here are me and Wednesday, working from home. We’re both obviously really pleased about it.