Boston Comic Con 2016

It’s that time again! When nerds across Massachusetts travel many miles in blistering August heat in heavy, uncomfortable cosplay to attend that Mecca of geek shopping and celebrity photo ops: Boston Comic Con. My schedule only permitted me to attend BCC on Saturday and Sunday this year; I usually go Fridays and Sundays because Saturdays are insaaaaaane. This year … More Boston Comic Con 2016

comics TBR pile(s)

Soooo what with the moving and the traveling and the whatnot, I’ve fallen pretty far behind with the comics reading. If you don’t believe me, here’s a photo of all the loose comics lying around my apartment that I haven’t read yet, finally sorted into piles: Intimidating, when they’re all laid out like that. I … More comics TBR pile(s)


This was my first year going to MICE (The Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo) and it was HOPPING. I hear it was dead at the beginning of the day, but Saturday afternoon was downright bustling. I mostly just swung through to visit some friends who were tabling, so this can’t really be a proper Review of … More MICE

various cat updates

First, Wednesday has good taste in comics: That’s Building Stories by Chris Ware; Gore Squares by Tim Finn, Liz Prince, Joe Quinones, and Maris Wicks; and The Woodsman and the Bear by Ellen T. Crenshaw (the green one back in the corner). Good job, Wednesday! Black cats aren’t very photogenic, are they, especially when they’re … More various cat updates