writing goal: January

Because ’tis the season for goals n things. I think—we’ll see if it lasts more than one month—I might try a new writing goal for every month. To keep me focused. And having a short, discrete goal sounds much less hard than “Finish Novel by June.” So I think for January my goal is: write … More writing goal: January

NaNo, one month later

So. It’s December 1st, and National Novel Writing Month is officially over. You may recall my “beginning of NaNo” post, the highlight of which is probably this bit: So. I’m giving myself one more month. My goal for November has nothing to do with wordcount and everything to do with finishing. I am going to … More NaNo, one month later

2010 goals, so far

Since I know everyone is fascinated with the trials and tribulations of my life, I thought I’d give y’all a brief update on how my New Year’s goals are going. (Poorly, is the cliff’s notes version.) I mean, most everything is a long-term 2010 goal. The finishing, the eating better, etc. However, there was one … More 2010 goals, so far