lazy day of summer

Wow it’s hot. I have accomplished approximately nothing this weekend. I’m currently in Providence, RI, lazing on my friend’s deck in this 87-degree weather. Trying to balance the beer intake with the water intake and stay under the umbrella’s shade. Had some thoughts of writing, but the sun broiled my brain to mush. So I’m … More lazy day of summer

respectable or no-talent?

Interesting article from the NY Times about author advances. I don’t know that I really believe in big advances. Should I ever get a book deal, my agent will probably make me come back and delete that sentence. But really—so much pressure! I mean I guess it kind of forces the publisher to care; if … More respectable or no-talent?

Mediocre Friday

Today was supposed to be a wonderful day. I took off from work. Good Friday is an optional holiday at my office—one that I do not celebrate, but hey, why not? The weather was supposed to be beautiful, I could take a break and kick back—lovely, right? Right. Except. I slept til like 11:30. Awesomesauce. … More Mediocre Friday

back to the city

So apparently putting “penis” in your post title like triples your blog traffic. Who knew? PENIS! Anyway, back from vacation. Here are some of the better pictures. The first is from the ferry, the rest are from basically the back porch of the house where I stayed (aside from the obvious one that was indoors, … More back to the city

current whereabouts unknown

I am currently on a beach. Well, I’m currently on a couch in a beachside house approximately five and a half feet from the ocean. Oh yeahhhhhh. Making my own little spring break, here. Four days of just me and the ocean and a writing buddy. Love it.

Spring Cleaning

Wow so I’m failing at this whole blogging thing of late. And I don’t even have the “no internet” excuse any more. Apologies. I know you, my fans, must have been going through major withdrawal. I hope to make it up to you. Have not yet figured out how, but stay tuned. So anyway. We’ll … More Spring Cleaning