Saw this movie last night and oh MY god I could not stop laughing. Go see this movie. No, really, I don’t care what else you may have to do, cancel things and go see this movie. Or else Woody Harrelson will banjo your ass to death. And you don’t want that.

mish-mash muddle

Hi! I’m here! Been busy this past week, what with work craziness and friend awesomeness. So a quick catch-up of my recent activities and ponderings. So. Bullet points, methinks? Why yes please. On Kanye: I’m with O’Bama here, what a jackass. I don’t care if you’re drunk, I don’t care if you haven’t recovered from … More mish-mash muddle

bring out your dead!

If someone were to set out to make my ideal movie, they would probably include some or all of the following: vampires zombies Victorian England gothic horror bizarre comedy graverobbers Dominic Monaghan BUT WAIT!!! WHAT HAVE WE HERE???? When I walked by the poster at the fabulous-go-there-if-you’re-in-Cambridge Brattle Theatre (a different poster than this one, … More bring out your dead!

today in Gracetopia

Currently playing the Star Wars drinking game. :) This is the game where I watch all three movies back-to-back-to-back and drink. I don’t drink to specific rules (“Drink whenever C-3PO gives a statistic” or “Drink whenever anyone says ‘May the Force be with you’” etc.), I just drink whenever the situation seems to require it. … More today in Gracetopia

alice in burtonland

So what do you think? Some people I know think it’s too CGI-heavy, but that doesn’t really bother me since it seems to be well-done. I’m concerned by how Depp-centric it seems and that it may just end up being a darker version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We’ll see!