Oscar goes to the shore

So the internet’s not working at home this week, which has put a major cramp on my blogging. But I don’t care! Because a) the Sharks beat the Kings in the first round and b) someone has done this: There are more, but this should be enough to get you started. ISN’T THIS THE BEST … More Oscar goes to the shore


This is  a closeup of one of my bookcases and it pretty much defines me as a person.

it’s a wiiiiilde wednesday!!

Aubrey Beardsley illustrated Oscar Wilde’s Salome, creating one of my favorite books ever because omg Beardsley is a genius illustrator. However—and perhaps not surprisingly—the two ended up not getting along very well. Wilde complained about the art, and in retaliation Beardsley drew this cartoon, responding to Wilde’s claim that he never did any research. Why … More it’s a wiiiiilde wednesday!!

Happy 155th!!

Hey hey they say it’s your birthday… “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”


So I have come to realize that there has been a major oversight in my blogging. I have not yet—or barely—touched on one of my favorite subjects: Oscar Wilde. This man: Oh, the hotness. So I am going to institute a new feature here at Gracetopia. Yes, you guessed it: Wilde Wednesdays! Why Wednesday? Because … More Introducing…