Okay. Who the heck is still coming to this blog from the blogspot version? I closed it down in 2008 and there are exactly two posts left, one that says “so long and thanks for all the fish” and one about Jason Lezak, which I left in place because there are not enough blog posts about Jason Lezak. How are people still ending up there? If one of these people is YOU, let me know because it’s very confusing.

That video still gives me chills.

And since I’m on the subject, in the past month people have gotten here by searching for:  “neil gaiman amanda palmer,” “gay smackdown,” and “the 11th doctor’s hair.”

I think that’s a pretty good summary of gracetopia, really.

end of rambly post


boxes and books

It’s been a pretty eventful weekend here in Gracetopia. Well, really  just one major event. I unpacked my final box! I’m finally moved in!

The astute among you might remember that I moved here in December. So this is six months after I moved that I finally unpacked the final box. Hey, I’m not speedy but I get it done. Tortoise and hare, people. Tortoise and hare.

I mean, granted, there are three piles of stuff from this final box sitting on my floor, just piles because I don’t know where to put anything. But the box is gone, and that’s what’s important.

This final burst of unpacking was brought upon by a sudden desire to get my spring-cleaning done (okay, so maybe it’s summer by now, whatever I procrastinate). This process necessitated the purchase of a 2nd bookcase. Part of my cleaning yesterday was trying to get all my books on my bookcase, and I quickly came to realize that I had twice as many books as bookspace. So, 2nd bookcase! Which then led to one of my favorite activites: organizing my books. Seriously, I love organizing my books.

I may be a slight nerd.

I don’t organize by author, in case anyone was wondering. I organize by category. Within categories an author’s books are grouped together but the authors are not in alphabetical order. Mostly they’re grouped by size—my shelves must be pretty.

My categories, in descending order of size, are:

  • mysteries/true crime (4x larger than next category—this always surprises me)
  • sci-fi/fantasy
  • 19th-century lit
  • children’s books
  • books on writing/writers
  • graphic novels/comics (most of these could be incorporated into sci-fi/fantasy, above, but they look better if they get their own shelf)
  • 1900-1950 books (mostly Waugh and Wodehouse)
  • pre-1900 British lit (mostly Shakespeare)
  • Oscar Wilde (this was larger before the post office lost a box of my books)
  • “modern” fiction (anything after 1950 that I somehow ended up with… a complete hodgepodge)
  • non-fiction (mostly Victorian history)
  • my friends’ books (too small! get on it, guys)
  • miscellaneous (On Bullshit, something-or-other guide to London, 100 Greatest Hockey Players of All Time)

Any books that could go in more than one category go wherever they look the best or whichever category is more specific.

And there you have it, more than you ever wanted to know about how I organize my life.

Speaking of books, there’s still a free book available. Somebody must want it!

commuting in gracetopia

Commuting isn’t fun for anybody. Day in, day out, go this way, go that way. But my last few days have been particularly horrific.

1. Yesterday morning, I am on the bus, on my way to my T stop. It is a usual crowded morning bus, and I am standing near the windshield.

And the bus approaches a stoplight. At this stoplight, like many of its brethren stoplights, Direction North/South goes, then Direction East/West goes, and then the pedestrians go. We are Direction N/S, and the light just turns red as we approach. So then Direction E/W goes. And then it is time for the pedestrians to go, but the bus driver apparently doesn’t know this and starts going. Not just that inch you do when the light is about to turn, he actively begins moving. BUT WAIT there are pedestrians! BRAKE BRAKE!

So the bus driver brakes hard, and everyone goes flying forward. Including me. And I am basically at the front. I am off balance and I go flying and but for the huge bearded hippie dude who is much sturdier than I am, I would have gone through the windshield. So thank you huge bearded hippie dude.

2. Today on my subway ride home, someone threw up in my car. Like, just threw up and left.

I hate vomit. I hate it hate it hate it whether it comes from me or someone else.

I almost threw up as well. God the smell. It was horrible.

I can only wait to see what fun tomorrow will bring.

lazy day of summer

Wow it’s hot.

I have accomplished approximately nothing this weekend. I’m currently in Providence, RI, lazing on my friend’s deck in this 87-degree weather. Trying to balance the beer intake with the water intake and stay under the umbrella’s shade. Had some thoughts of writing, but the sun broiled my brain to mush.

So I’m going to tidy up some things around Gracetopia (going to update the Rogues’ Gallery, for one) and go back to doing nothing on the internet.

More updates as events warrant.

sunday sunday

Good evening, everyone.

Currently listening to: the Sharks game. Gooooo Sharks! I wish I didn’t have to listen to it on the radio, b/c the radio announcers are even more annoying than the normal announcers. Oh well. Someday I’ll own the Sharks, so they’ll save me box seats for every game. (hey, a girl can dream, right?)

Anyway, I’m spending the weekend taking the kid brother to colleges. Tomorrow we’re going to have the fun experience of trying to drive in Boston on the day of the marathon. Luckily we’re closer to the freeway than to the race, so maybe we can just make a quick escape. Maybe…

The fact that I can take tomorrow off is weird to me. Like, I saw on my work schedule that April 20 was an optional holiday, and I was like, “what? we get 4/20 off?” Then I figured it out. But still. You silly New Englanders and your silly holidays. :)

Anaheim just scored. Damn it. This is not going well.