Possibly the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Ukraine obviously has more talent than we do. (thanks to the baby brother for this) Advertisements

lazy saturday

I’m basically lounging around and doing nothing today. So is my baby.  Did I ever tell you guys what I decided to name her? I don’t think so. Her name is Wednesday (as in Addams). It fits her, tho she’s slightly less destructive than her namesake.  P.S. I promise this blog will not turn into … More lazy saturday

why I am a bookworm

This is why Grace doesn’t play video games:  That would be my left knee, with a bruise that really isn’t very impressive except that I got it playing a video game. A video game. Jesus, Grace, could you be any clumsier?

Buskin’ Donuts

I highly disapprove of the new Dunkin’ Donuts advertising campaign. For the past two days on my way to work, I have passed men playing guitars, their cases open in front of them. (Different men, presumably different guitars.) As I approached the first day, I noticed that the upper half of the case was filled … More Buskin’ Donuts