Possibly the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Ukraine obviously has more talent than we do.

(thanks to the baby brother for this)

time for a rambling sunday night post

Shockingly, having someone jab a needle into your spine repeatedly kinda hurts. (I got someone different when I called the tattoo place back, and he magically found an opening today at noon that the other woman had not been able to see somehow. So maybe that phone disaster wasn’t all me.) So now I’m sore and trying not to lean my back against things. Hard, since I’m currently lounging in bed.

Today involved a lot of Star Trek: TNG and The Avengers. Wesley Crusher is so annoying. Why does he have to be in this show? He is the main reason it’s taken me so long to get into Star Trek, all the ST episodes I saw for the longest time were Wesley-centric (like, totally coincidentally all of them—and I’ve seen that Game one like 3 times) and that just turned me off the whole series. And those episodes were after he hit puberty. I’m starting TNG from the beginning and wow he was even more annoying before his voice cracked. How did this show make it big with him in it? Okay Grace stop being mean to the boy prodigy.

Anyway, so yeah, I’m lame. First sunny weekend Boston’s seen in like eons and I spend half of it watching nerdy tv shows and making smoothies (which involved bits of the blender flying around the kitchen). In my defense, yesterday I did properly summery thing, including mini-golfing and a beach. Much fun.

Um so yeah that’s what I’ve been up to recently. Fascinating, as usual.

You will notice how I’m not give you all a writing update. Yeah, about that…

lazy saturday

I’m basically lounging around and doing nothing today. So is my baby. 
"what? leave me alone this sunshine needs my attention."
"what? leave me alone this sunshine needs my attention."

Did I ever tell you guys what I decided to name her? I don’t think so. Her name is Wednesday (as in Addams). It fits her, tho she’s slightly less destructive than her namesake. 

P.S. I promise this blog will not turn into constant cat pictures. I promise. But God she’s cute. No really I promise. Those blogs annoy me. 

why I am a bookworm

This is why Grace doesn’t play video games: 

knee 001

That would be my left knee, with a bruise that really isn’t very impressive except that I got it playing a video game. A video game. Jesus, Grace, could you be any clumsier?