boldly going west

SO HI. I went away on vacation and my brain forgot to come back. Sorry bout that. But I’m here now! With updates! So. In the week+ since last we met, these things have happened: 1. Sunburn. Ooooh sunburn. I spent an entire day by the hotel pool having people bring me drinks with umbrellas … More boldly going west

January 2nd

I sort of wish my first post of the new year involved something more interesting than me watching my new Star Trek dvds, cuddling with my kitty, and eating peanut butter straight from the jar, but you know what—I’m happy with my current state of being. Take me for what I am. (who I was … More January 2nd

Merry Christmas

*snerk* Totally NSFW Star Trek slash “read” by Zachary Quinto: I really don’t feel that explanation is necessary, but if you think you need it, here you go.

oh hi it’s thursday

I didn’t do a Wilde Wednesday post yesterday. So shoot me. I was trying not to throw up. Anyway. First post from the new netbook! omg I love this thing so. It weighs about an ounce. Like a shot. It’s a shot of internet. I am so happy. So yeah. I feel like shit because … More oh hi it’s thursday

movie review: Star Trek

Usually I can review something without spoilering it to death, but I really don’t think that’s going to work here. So if you want to go into Star Trek unscathed, you should stop reading. You have been warned. So if you sit back and actually think about the new Star Trek movie, it’s really ridiculously … More movie review: Star Trek