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a wee little death machine that lives in my house

And now that I’ve enticed you in with a cat photo, here are some random updates:

And finally, a few things I read on the internet this week:


coming soon: Gracetopia, 2014 ed.

Spent some time today going through and deleting old blog post drafts—posts that, frankly, we are all lucky I stopped writing. I really do try to save us all from the dull inanities of my life. (But Grace, I hear you say, all you do on this blog is write about dull inanities. Right, so imagine how bad these posts were.)

As usual, looking backwards made me thing about going forward (aside: I was a history major), so here’s what I’m thinking of doing with gracetopia in two zero one four:

  • GVacationPost more about my travels. I am lucky enough to travel for my job, and this year I tried to start doing a “notes from the road” series but the posts don’t really have much meat. So, one of my plans is to do a better job of sharing some of the entertaining and interesting parts of my journeys, not just photos out of my hotel room window. (Though you have to admit, the Miami Beach photo is pretty baller.) (Is baller a thing the kids are saying now?) The problem, of course, is that I spent a lot of time in hotel rooms, which are inherently pretty dull. But fuck it, I’m a writer, let’s do this and make it sparkle.
  • Write more about what I read. I like reading. I like talking about reading. I tend to prefer talking about things I love rather than tearing apart things I don’t, so that’ll probably be the focus. I do try to shout out some of my favorite reads every now and then (HAWKEYE) but I guess what I’m saying is I’m going to try to focus more on making this a place for discussion about books/comics. Yeah.
  • Post more pictures. People like pictures, right? Breaks up all the text and whatnot. Related to this, I will have to take more pictures, because most of mine don’t really relate to the topics I might write about.

    This is an example of a picture. I took this at the Georgia Aquarium in June 2013. It portrays a creepy-pretty sea creature in the jellyfish family. /science
  • Write more about Boston stuff. Boston, you’re my home. I want to reflect that a bit more at gracetopia, especially to give people who aren’t from around here a taste of what the city’s like. I wasn’t really sold on Boston when I arrived, but I’m kind of digging it now and I’d like to share that. (What about digging it? Do the kids say that?) This will also (maybe?) be an impetus to get my butt out from in front of Project Runway/Say Yes to the Dress marathons and actually do things in this city.
  • More cat pictures. Because you can never have enough cat pictures. Internet FACT.
we don't mess around with nap time
nap time is the best time

So, you know, get excited for all of that. And let me know if something jumps out at you and you’re like omg more of this!

five years of gracetopia

As I mentioned in passing in a recent post, last month we hit the official 5-year mark of this blog. Time for a bit of reflection, maybe?

The first five posts on this blog, in 2008, were about:

I like to think I’ve gotten more interesting since then.

In terms of Life Stuff, in the last five years I have:

  • moved 3 times, finally ending up in an apartment I love (so far, knock on wood)
  • made some really good friends in Boston
  • gotten a real grownup job that I really enjoy
  • acquired two cats
  • acquired a boyfriend
  • written a couple of books, but never finished anything to my own satisfaction
  • had knee surgery
  • made some stupid life mistakes
  • made some good life choices
  • written a lot of really dumb blog posts

Sometimes I think about going back and deleting the stupider of my old blog posts (writing wordcount updates from 2009, or my incessant whining about how hard writing is from 2010, or everything about Project Runway) but I figure I haven’t said anything too embarrassing or idiotic and I might as well leave them for posterity. Also the numbers make my blog archives look really impressive and nobody’s going to actually go back and check my posts from three years ago, right? (Someday when I’m famous these words will haunt me.)

Skipping ahead to the conclusion: many thanks to everyone who reads Gracetopia, especially if you’ve been around the entire 5 years. I know I spend a lot time rambling about nonsense, so I really appreciate that people ramble along with me sometimes. Here’s to 5 more!

Awkward selfie time. Cheers!

all the things

For like three days I “restarted” the comics blog I created last year—wrote a couple posts, spent some time prettying it up, had grand plans to rule the world. The usual. But I realized I just don’t have time. Like, seriously, I work 9-5 and I’m trying to write a novel or ten; I barely have time for sleeping, let alone for this blog, let alone for another blog.

Grace. Relax. Nobody cares what you think about Wonder Woman.