where am I?

Well, at this exact moment I am sitting on my bed with one foot in my suitcase and one in a pile of laundry. But if you’re reading this tonight or tomorrow or the next day I am in Dallas, TX. Being in Dallas, TX, goes against all of my principles and my moral upbringing, … More where am I?


Back from Chicago. I love Chicago. Really, I love that city. Like whoa. My favorite part (aside from the lovely friends I hung out with) was Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, on the University of Chicago campus. Specifically, the living room: A mere photo cannot capture the awesomeness that is this room. (I did not … More hoooooome

current whereabouts unknown

I am currently on a beach. Well, I’m currently on a couch in a beachside house approximately five and a half feet from the ocean. Oh yeahhhhhh. Making my own little spring break, here. Four days of just me and the ocean and a writing buddy. Love it.

in which grace has a hard time making up her mind, volume 32

Today I decided it was time for an upgrade. I’m an adult now, see, so I need nice professional things and not gross college-like things. This applies to clothes, food, and–today’s adventure–luggage. See, I’ve been using an enormous computer bag/backpack-like thing that I bought like five years ago as a carry-on suitcase–it’s not even a … More in which grace has a hard time making up her mind, volume 32